Surfing Destination


Why Choose New Zealand for a great surfing experience?

Anyone who chooses New Zealand as a surf destination is never disappointed!

1. You have a good chance of scoring great waves all year round. New Zealand 's unique geography makes it possible to easily travel from one coast to the other if one side is onshore or flat. In less than an hour you can go from 1-foot onshore to 5-foot offshore perfection! The swells that Australia 's East Coast receives, hits New Zealands West Coast more directly, and as they pass underneath New Zealand , the East Coast then gets the swell! As there is a constant stream of these lows passing under New Zealand , it is not uncommon for both sides to be pumping simultaneously!

2. No crowds at 95% of surf spots.


4. New Zealand is one of the cleanest, greenest, most scenic countries in the world.

5. No snakes or poisonous, dangerous creatures.

6. Politically stable, no chance of getting kidnapped!

7. Members of the opposite sex love travelling surfers in NZ.

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Camping is a New Zealand tradition and as it will be camping most nights in summer, you should invest in top of the range equipment to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. All you will need to bring is a sleeping bag, they provide everything else. Each night you will have the opportunity to watch the days surfing footage and relax in our spacious camp set-up. For winter tours, accommodation is in cabins each night.

What's included in the Price?

Most companies will pick you up from the airport in their late model 4 Wheel Drive vehicles and then take you straight to the surf. All meals are included in the price - for breakfast, you will have the choice of eggs, cereal, toast and spreads. Lunch will usually be sandwiches, or pasta dishes. Dinners will be different each night of the trip, but may include stir fries, a traditional NZ barbeque, pasta dishes, pizza and fish! The companies will also provide snacks in the form of biscuits and fruit. Beer and other alcohol is about the only things not included in the price! All transportation costs and accommodation is also included. At the end of experience, they drop you back off at the airport, or at a location of your choice in Auckland .

Board Hire

If you prefer not to travel with your surfboard, they can hire one to you for NZ$20/day. Wetsuits are also available at a cost of NZ$10/day.

The Waves:
With over 15,000km's of amazing coastline, New Zealand enjoys a huge variety of waves, including perfect points, great beachies, powerful island waves as well as countless barreling reef breaks. 90% of the breaks you come across will be uncrowded, and even if there are a few others out, it will almost always be extremely relaxed with no hassling. Due to the unique shape of both islands, if it is onshore or flat on one side, in no time at all you can be enjoying perfect waves on the other!

The Weather:
New Zealand's weather is another reason to choose this country as your next surf destination. In summer, often the temperature reaches over 30 degrees (Celcius). In terms of water temperature, this means that often you will be able to surf the North Island spots in boardshorts, although a light springsuit is usually recommended. In winter, the water still remains ok in the North of the North Island, but a steamer is needed for almost everywhere from May through to September. Winter also brings with it endless swells as well as snow for some of the best snow boarding in the world!

A further advantage of surfing in New Zealand, is the ability to surf and snowboard in the same day! It is totally feasible to snowboard all morning, then do the short drive to the coast for an afternoon of surfing!

The West Coast of the North Island is renowned for its consistency and power. It is very rarely flat and has excellent breaks from the Far North right down to Taranaki. Raglan is widely recognised as one of the best left handers in the world, offering ridiculously long rides that are virtually unrivalled anywhere. Taranaki has a wealth of excellent surf spots all throughout the region. This stretch of coast includes Stent Road as well as an incredible amount of other beach breaks and points.

The East Coast of the North Island provides generally smaller, cleaner and more perfect waves that the West, but thats not to say that it doesn't get big or powerful. The Coromandel is one of the most scenic areas in the world and has the waves to match, including the legendary Whangamata Bar. Gisborne is the surf capital of New Zealand, with consistent waves of every variety to suit all ability levels.
New Zealand's South Island, one of the most spectacular regions of the world, plays host to many of New Zealands best breaks from the perfection of Kaikoura to the wave rich Otago peninsular. The South Island mountains also offer some of the best snow to be found anywhere!