General Information on New Zealand



English. New Zealand is a 12hr flight from Los Angeles and about the same flight time from UK via Asia. From Sydney, Australia it's approx. a 3hr flight. There are three major islands that make up New Zealand: The North Island, the South Island and the relatively undiscovered Stewart Island, located south of the South Island.


New Zealand has a temperate climate and all four seasons exist. Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, our seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere.


You need a passport to enter NZ and some travellers may also need a visa. Check the link here to see if you need a visa: New Zealand -Visas

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance that provides cover for medical expenses and cancellation fees is recommended for international visitors to New Zealand. You can get a quote for the Discover NZ policy online fromĀ Travel Insurance Cover.


Non-stop flights are available from Los Angeles to Auckland on United, Qantas, and Air New Zealand.

Domestic Airlines:

Ansett and Air New Zealand provide a national network of regular service. Tickets bought in NZ are very expensive so it's best to purchase prior to departure from overseas.


The New Zealand Dollar. New Zealand is serviced by all the major banks. Credit cards, travellers cheques are widely accepted.

Electric Current:

240-250 volts. Slanted 3 pin plug needed.


Tipping is not a widespread custom in New Zealand. If you wish to recognize special service, 10% of the bill is appropriate.

Fiordland: Average Daytime Temperatures
January 23C / 76F July 8C / 46F
February 24C / 78F August 9C / 48F
March 20C / 70F Sept 12C / 54F
April 15C / 60F Oct 16C / 62F
May 10C / 50F Nov 19C / 68F
June 8C / 46F Dec 22C / 74F