Selected Activities


Fishing, Sailing & Sea Adventures

Wherever you go in New Zealand you are close to the sea. It is unsurprizing that we take to the water - fishing, sailing, cruising, exploring the coastline and enjoying the miriade of fasinating secluded islands.

New Zealand sailors are known the world over.  Ocean racing like the round the world epics or rowing the Atlantic.

Offshore, like the world yacht match racing circuit or the Americas Cup, Kiwi sailors excel.

Names like Russell Coutts, Brad Butterworth, Grant Dalton and Sir Peter Blake are synonymous with the sea.

The fisheries around the coast are plentiful, with an efficient fisheries management system controlling the commercial catch.

The variety of fishlife is wide enabling recreational activities to be enjoyed by fishermen, divers, yachties and visitors alike.

You can go Deep Sea Big Game Fishingfor marlin and tuna during the summer months.
You can enjoy the Inshore/Reef Fishing or Diving all year round,be it line, sea fly, night fishing, rock fishing or surf casting.

Or just cruise the waters by yacht or by powerboat - relax and enjoy.

You can take to water from almost any coastal city, thoughfor fishing we recommend Northland, Bay of Plenty and Marlborough in particular.

For sailing, any North Island location plus the Nelson - Marlborough region is preferred.

For diving, there are a number of marine reserves around the coast to be enjoyed.


Scenic Flights

Experience New Zealand from a different perspective - take to the air!

We will make the travel between destinations different and interesting! 

Imagine it - flying up a rugged coast by helicopter and hovering just feet from a cascading waterfall or landing on an active volcano! 

Then there is excitement as your light plane flies up the glaciers of the Southern Alps, weaving between the towering mountains and giving you a panoramic view down the spine of the range - from just a few feet above them!  Perhaps landing at a high country station and enjoying the hospitality of the rural dwellers!

You can combine flying with your recreation!

Fly to a remote stream and fly fish - or out to a craggy peninsula for rock fishing in the crashing surf!!

Fly around and land on a glacier - and see the world from up high!

Take a flight to enjoy a bit of heli-skiing - long runs down virgin powder snow with just you and your friends in sight!

From almost everywhere you will be there is a flight available that will simply blow you away!! 


River and Lake Fishing

Trout fishing paradise!

The lakes and rivers of the thermal area around Rotorua and Taupo are teeming with Brown and Rainbow Trout.

Whether you enjoy fly fishing in a secluded river, or harling on the lake, you are almost guaranteed to catch one of these sport fish.

On hooking one, be prepared for the fun and exciting of playing the fish to the boat or to the land.  Watch them leap out of the water as you reel them in.

Whether it is fly in the river or harling on the lake, the guides are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly, they know where the fish will be.

The vessels are all well appointed, catering for the comfort of their passengers as well as being well equiped for the task at hand.

Expeditions are generally early morning or later in the afternoon to coincide with the feeding cycle of the trout.   Specimens over 10 pound are not uncommon.

For that something different - try heli-fishing!  Take a helicopter to a remote bushlined, mountain stream, far from civilization!

It is just you, your rod and your skill against the wily trout of the river!!

We also will arrange group trips on dinner cruises, where you can have your catch bar-b-qued on board to your liking!

In the rivers of the Canterbury plains you will find salmon.  A great variation for the fly fisher!


Wine Trails

The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail stretches from Hawkes Bay on the east coast through Martinborough and Wellington at the foot of the North Island and across to Marlborough and Nelson at the top of the South Island.

Each region produces a range of wines, each with its own distinct character.  The winemakers are innovative, which has seen many new styles emerging and being well received internationally.

The Hawkes Bay region is the country's second largest wine region. Pinot Noir from the Martinborough region, highly praised as some of New Zealand's most distinguished Reds, boasts the largest planted variety in this area with Chardonnay a close second. Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling are also recognized for their outstanding performance in this area.Wairarapa's winemakers are creating an impressive show with their quality wines.

The largest wine region is Marlborough. The dry cool evening climate, high sunshine hours, free draining alluvial soil along with the medium/large river stones of the Wairau and Awatere Valleys have led this region to producing stunning wines. 

Sauvignon Blanc described as intense and vibrant with racy herbal bouquet is Marlborough's flagship wine.

Chardonnay is the second extensively used variety with Pinot Noir and Riesling battling for third.  

Of real note though are the sparkling wines - often based on chardonnay and pinot noir and matured using the traditional methods.

The Nelson region is an emerging region with a number of excellent boutique wineries. The styles are wide and each winemaker has variations that give the wines a uniqueness.


Snow Skiing

From the mountains in the North Island to the Southern Alps in the South, New Zealand provides exciting skiing from June through to October.

The topograph is such that the golf resorts are below the snow line so as you can ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon!

In the North Island the main skiing is on Mt Ruapehu, the highest mountain in the North Island.  Here the two main field are Whakapapa on the north western side and Turoa on the south.  Ruapehu is an active volcano, with the last eruption in the mid 1990s.  Don't be concerned, as early warning systems are in place and the mountain activity is closely monitored!

You can also ski on Mt Taranaki near the west coast. 

In the South Island, the main fields are around Christchurch and Queenstown.

Adjacent to Terrace Downs High Country Resort is the Mt Hutt ski field, which boasts the longest runs on any of the fields in New Zealand.  A short drive away are a number of other ski fields with good runs.

Queenstown provides the most variety for skiiers.  First there is Coronet Peak, within 30 minutes of the township and Millbrook Resort offering good runs for all abilities.  Night skiing under lights is a specialty here.

Across the plains is  the remarkables ski field.  Recently developed it offers the best of all facilities and some fabulous runs.   A short drive away is Cadrona, just as exciting.

A specialty is heli-skiing!

Imagine, climbing into a helicopter to be whisked over the ski fields and around snow laden peaks to slopes covered in virgin powder snow.  The chopper lands and off you go, cutting tracks down the mountain side on a long demanding and exciting run!

Reaching the bottom, it's back into the chopper and back up to do it again!


Hiking, Trekking and & Nature Trails

Throughout New Zealand is a network of well maintained walking tracks where nature lovers can enjoy the natural surroundings.  As well as the panoramic views, secluded lakes and rivers, cascading and towering mountains you will see, there is also the adbundance of bird life.

As you walk around a lake shore, you will hear the call of the birdlife, a fantail flittering just a few paces away.

There is also the fauna - many species reflecting the character of natural New Zealand.  from the kauris in the north, to the rimu and totoraand the varieties of beech in the south.  The beautiful flowering pohutakawa and kowhai adding colour and the huge variety of ferns, including the silver fern, worn proudly by New Zealand sportspersons on the international stage.

For those who wish to take a serious trek, there are the world famous hikes like the Milford Track, the Hollyford Track and the Routeburn Track which take several days. 

There are day long hikes such as the Tongiriro Crossing where you can enjoy a day inclose to nature.

Then there are the bush walks to places of interest - through volcanic areas, around lakes or up the local mountain.

Many of these nature walks are aligned with commercial activities such as wildlife reserves, historic sites or boating excursions.

Throughout New Zealand there are National Parks to preserve what nature has provided.  The access is readily available - the experiences are there to share!

New Zealand is a land of contrasts.  From the snow covered mountains to the sandy beaches and craggy cliffs by the sea you will get almost every situation imaginable.  Open forests, dense bush, grass river valleys and rugged cliffs.

They are there to be enjoyed.  Whether you want to rock climb, a hard trek or a leisurely stroll, there is bound to be something close at hand for you to enjoy - the choice is yours!