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Fabulous New Zealand is a handful of friends who love their country. They are a small and fortunate Nation and they are proud to think that there are others around the world who would also love to live there!

It's exciting for them to know that others want to discover the fabulous attractions that make their country so special. There is so much on offer in just two small islands in the Southern Pacific ocean !

To save you hours of searching and wondering, they have carefully compiled valuable information covering all the key aspects of living in New Zealand, or just coming there for a visit or purchasing some residential property for a wise investment.

They are not real estate agents, they are simply your 'locals on the spot'. You can discover what the locals love about New Zealand! 

Not only are they are passionate about New Zealand. They are also very passionate about residential property - houses! Their little group includes experts with backgrounds in real estate and marketing and of course they own New Zealand properties ourselves. They know the local market.

About New Zealand

The New Zealand government recognizes the importance of foreign investment as it contributes to the development of the country's resources, community and industry. This beautifully landscaped country with majestic mountains and breathtaking lakes has a clean and green environment. Not only naturally beautiful, this modern country has classy cities advanced in development yet still maintains old-fashioned charm.

The country has a progressive birth rates and immigration policy thus it has a strong population growth. There is a demand of price growth and strong tenant demand. In comparison to other countries, the property prices are undervalued so there are a lot of investment opportunities.

Reasons to Invest:

  • Tax friendly
  • High rental yields
  • Good exchange rate
  • Welcoming government that accepts investment
  • Relatively unexploited market

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